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Hazak Hazak Initiatives 

Programming for Jewish Communities


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Annual Retreat in Pa

Annual retreat in Pennsylvania for training and shabbat learning. Check back when we have our application for the retreat.

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​Training 20 Key Jewish Community Members


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ACT 235 Security Training

Find 10 men (or women) to participate in the first ever Jewish Act 235 class. To work armed security in PA, you need to be certified "Act 235" by a school sanctioned by the PA State Police. The state mandates a 40 hour course which means all schools conduct this on two Saturdays and two Sundays. If we can get 10 attendees, the school would put on a 4 weekday and two Sunday class to fill the 40 hour requirement.  If anyone is interested in signing up please use the link here:

Programming for Jewish Community Members

Hazak Hazak intends to provide course such as 

  • Unarmed Self Defense - Not your Bubbe’s Krav Maga

  • Situational Awareness and Behavior Profiling Class

  • Ladies - Intro to Shooting ​


  • Why does anti-semtisim exist?

  • A call for discussion: can I carry my gun on shabbos? 
    These classes will be available in person or via webinar as donate-what-you-want courses.

Training Key Jewish Community Members

Image by Martin Splitt

We define "Key jewish community members" as people who are always embedded in the community spaces such as synagogues, and train them to be ready to respond to emergencies. We want to start with 20 recipients and get them signed onto 10 sessions, an hour each. They can also put the credit towards joining group certification classes such as Red Cross First Aid/ AED, USCCA, etc. The financial breakdown is simple: each session is $100. To be an applicant apply here:

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